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Probate is a process that the survivors of a deceased person must go through shortly after their death. It determines what will happen to all the property and assets of the deceased. When you facing probate, having the help of a Houston estate planning attorney is vital. One of the first things that will occur during probate is the selection of an executor or personal representative of the will. This person will handle the fiduciary and other duties involved with probate. At the Law Office of Kathryn Marteeny, we can assist any clients involved with handling probate. Our goal is to think ahead so that you don't have to and to simplify the process as much as we can.

Going Through Probate

Probate involves a set of phases, each one coming with its own obstacles and tasks that must be properly completed. If you are the executor of a deceased person's estate, you may be daunted at having to arrange so much in the wake of your loss. Our Houston estate planning lawyers believe that learning about what you're up against can help, so we have provided some general guidelines.

Probate generally proceeds as follows:

  • An executor must be named. Generally the executor will be named in the deceased's will, but if this is not the case an executor can be named by petitioning the court.
  • Notice of the death must be given to the heirs and beneficiaries.
  • An inventory of all assets the deceased left behind must be taken.
  • All debts and bills left behind by the deceased must be settled.
  • The property must be distributed and legally transferred to the new owners, as the will directed.
  • If no will existed, state laws will direct how to distribute the property.
  • The estate must be closed.

Estate Administration

Law Office of Kathryn Marteeny offers estate administration for handling probate. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the process and would rather one of our attorneys take care of all the details so you can focus on other matters, we are happy to extend that service. We can organize your estate and arrange it your specifications.

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When you meet with one of the Houston estate planning attorneys from our firm, we will take the necessary time to sit down with you and come to an understanding of what you need. If you choose to hire us to handle your probate matters, you can rest assured that we truly care about our clients and work hard to get you through this process smoothly. In the past three decades, we have helped many individuals and families with their estate planning and have earned a reputation for our professionalism and extensive knowledge. We ensure that all aspects are taken into consideration!

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