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If you have been considering adoption or are currently attempting to adopt a child, you are likely aware of how complicated the adoption process is. Whether you are going about the adoption by yourself, with your spouse or partner and family, or you are attempting to adopt a stepchild, having a trained attorney can make the process much easier.

At the Law Office of Kathryn Marteeny, our experienced Houston adoption lawyers and legal staff are very familiar with the adoption law and can put together a workable plan of action. Regardless of whether you have already encountered problems along the way or would like to prevent them, you can rely on us for our creative solutions. Retaining a Houston adoption attorney is the first step you should take towards adopting a child and giving them a loving home.

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At our family law firm, we understand and respect the desire to adopt a child and provide the joy of a stable home. With 30 years of legal experience, you can count on our attorneys and staff to provide you with the highest quality of legal representation. Our goal is to ensure that the adoption process is as smooth and problem-free as possible.

You can count on our firm to help you with a wide range of adoptions, such as:

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We are dedicated to paying great attention to detail, which is very important in adoption cases where every little issue matters. If you choose to have our Houston family lawyers represent your case, we will relentlessly pursue a favorable outcome.

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