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Domestic violence is a horrifying experience for a spouse and for children and the entire

family. The perpetrator in the relationship may be using it as a result of substance abuse, but more likely than not, this behavior was something that was hidden before the marriage took place. Once victims create a life with their abuser, it can also be hard to unravel the situation, particularly if children are involved. Our Houston domestic violence attorneys can help.

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What You Need To Know About Protective Orders

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Even if there is no history of violence in the relationship, once one spouse finds out the other wants a divorce, he or she may resort to violence or threat of violence to keep the marriage going. If you wish to file for divorce, you can ask the court for a protective order (PO) to protect yourself and your children until the divorce proceedings can happen.

A PO is a civil court order issued to prevent people from acts of family violence, human trafficking, stalking, or sexual assault. You can ask the court to grant one to prevent your spouse from harassing or attacking you and your children. The district or county attorney, a private attorney, or a legal aid service program can all help you file. The application must be filed in the county in which you or your spouse lives. If you are a family member of an abused spouse, you can also file for one on their behalf.

The PO is valid for up to 20 days, after which the court can grant you a final protective order that will last for 2 years; however, you can specify another length of time instead.

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