Modifying Divorce Agreements in Texas

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Even after a divorce, some issues may arise later on that challenge the divorce terms. Something in your life has changed, or you or your children’s needs are different, and you must adjust accordingly. Texas does allow for modifications to the terms of your divorce. If you would like to explore your options, we encourage you to contact our Houston divorce lawyers.

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How Can I Seek a Modification?

If you and your spouse have already agreed to the terms of your divorce on a matter like child support, note that the courts may only modify it under certain conditions. You would need to demonstrate that the circumstances have materially and substantially changed since the last agreement or court order.

Modifications can be granted if the following conditions have occurred:

  • The noncustodial parent has lost his or her job or now holds a lower-paying job
  • The noncustodial parent has had an increase in pay
  • The child’s need, such as medical expenses, have grown
  • The child’s needs have reduced, and the noncustodial parent may request a decrease in child support payments
  • One or the other parent has moved out of state
  • One or the other parent is suffering from substance abuse
  • There is domestic violence in the home

Any scenario that puts a child at risk or provides for anything less than the child’s best interests may be up for consideration in a post-divorce modification. As Houston family law attorneys, we can help you with all of the family law processes with the courts, first with the filing of your petition and the court hearings.

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