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Few things remain constant in life, including job and relationships. If you’ve gone through a divorce as a parent, you may not stay in the same city until your children grow up. Some people find jobs in other states or get remarried and want to relocate to a new town. Depending on how far away you go, this could be a problem. If you’re thinking of relocating, or your ex is thinking of moving away with your child, talk to one of our skilled Houston family law attorneys as soon as possible.

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Joint Custody

Texas law will usually be on the side of shared custody, if not shared physical custody then shared legal custody. This means the court has decided both parents have a right to make important decisions about their child, including where the child lives. The court will also prohibit the “primary parent” from moving outside a particular range, such as the child’s county.


If the secondary parent decides to give permission for the primary parent to move away with the child, the parents will have to inform the court of the new arrangement. If the secondary parent disagrees with the child’s move, he or she will have to file an application for a temporary restraining order, which prevents the primary parent from moving until a court can hold a relocation hearing. At the hearing, the parent who wishes to move will have to show compelling evidence the proposed move would be in the child’s best interests.

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