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Reliable Paternity TestingPaternity is instantly established if the parents are married to each other when the child is born, with the husband as the legal father. However in Texas, if the parents of a child are not married to each other when the child is born, then the child doesn’t have a legal father until paternity is determined. A benefit of establishing paternity enables a child to access medical insurance, Social Security, inheritance, etc. Other benefits include the mother being able to share responsibilities and the cost of raising a child, while the father can participate in the child’s life.

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How Do You Establish Paternity?

The two ways to establish paternity is either voluntarily or involuntarily. When the mother and father agree that the father is indeed the biological father, then the paternity is established voluntarily, require both parties to sign an “Acknowledgement of Paternity.” This is typically done at the hospital where and when the child is born, or it can be signed later and mailed to the Vital Statistics Unit. If the Acknowledgement of Paternity is signed after the hospital mailed the birth certificate, a fee will be applied for changing the birth certificate to include the father’s name. Besides the hospital, the form can be obtained at the local birth registrar, Vital Statistics Unit, and the Attorney General’s Child Support Office.

Involuntary establishment occurs when someone disputes paternity, which means the court will be involved by issuing an “order adjudicating parentage.” All parties must file a “Petition to Adjudicate Parentage” in the county where the child resides. If both parties agree that the father is the biological father, an order adjudicating parentage will be processed. If either party denies or is uncertain of paternity, then DNA testing is administered.

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