Drafting Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements

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When you are in the process of preparing for your wedding, there are a number of different steps you must take to plan effectively. One of these important steps is drafting a pre-nuptial agreement with the help of a Houston family law attorney. This may not seem like the most exciting or romantic part of planning your wedding to your soon to be spouse but it cannot be overstressed just how vital it is.

Not only can it give you and your partner peace of mind that your financial assets will be protected, but it can also provide the comfort of knowing that your children's best interests will always be protected. While pre-nuptial arrangements have a negative stigma, it can actually greatly benefit a marriage if both partners feel financially secure.

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Drafting Agreements For All Types of Couples

If you have already tied the knot and married your spouse without a pre-nuptial agreement, we can assist you in another way. We can offer you the service of a post-nuptial agreement, which goes over the same details after entering a marriage. The process is largely the same as a pre-nuptial and can protect you in all the same ways.

We draft pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements that consider several precautions, which may include:

  • How your shared property will be divided in case of a divorce
  • How your pre-marriage property will be divided in case of a divorce
  • How you will decide on who will receive alimony payments (if anyone)
  • How you will decide who will pay for attorney fees
  • How you will decide who will be given custody of your children

Is a Prenup a Good Idea?

What most people know about prenups is they make the divorce process easier. By specifying whose property is whose before the marriage even begins, you eliminate half of what can make the divorce process drag on. Property division is often complicated and can take months, especially with high net worth divorces. If you’re also concerned about having to pay spousal maintenance, both of you can waive the commitment in the prenup. They can also spare people the hassle of splitting up a business.

What people don’t know is that prenups can help a couple negotiate their shared finances. Part of what couples tend to fight over is financial problems, particularly if one-half of the couple is out of a job. A prenup can help a couple plan what to do in the event one of them loses a job, or they both want to start a family.

The ability to discuss your financial future in advance before you even marry is an excellent way to get to know your partner, if you don’t know them well enough already. By compromising on your prenup, you can learn to work together and communicate effectively to solve problems.

Providing Sound Legal Advice & Guidance

Our goal is to help you handle this experience as smooth and stress-free as we can. Our Houston family law lawyers are sensitive to your needs and will tactfully navigate the process of drafting any agreement you might need. We will also take your personal histories and goals for the future into consideration while laying at the terms. You can rely on the legal team here at the Law Office of Kathryn Marteeny to assist you with the process of drafting a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement.

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