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Assigning Property Between ExesAll property purchased during the life of the marriage is considered community property and therefore eligible to be divided during the asset division process of your divorce. You should be aware of what property you have which may be divided with your spouse. Our Houston divorce lawyers can walk you through the division process and work to ensure you are treated fairly throughout.

With our more than 30 years of combined legal experience in family law behind us, the Law Office of Kathryn Marteeny understands what it takes to achieve client goals no matter how complex their case. Our deep understanding of relevant Texas laws about how they separate property, make us a powerful advocate for your rights in and out of court. Trust our firm to give your case the diligent attention it deserves.

Factors involved In Asset Division

Property that is determined to be community property will be split by the court in a manner which seems “just and right” in their estimation.

Factors considered when divided a given piece of property include:

  • Fault in the ending of the marriage
  • Health of the parties
  • Education of the parties
  • Current income of the parties
  • Specific nature of the property
  • Any inheritance a spouse is likely to receive
  • Debts of the parties

These factors all go into the final decision, meaning that Texas divides property rather differently than other community property states. Courts can justify an uneven division based on the above issues.

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