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Couples who are divorcing focus on the best interests and well-being of their children. If one parent has been granted custody or conservatorship, the other can request a visitation schedule. The purpose of visitation is to allow the child to maintain a healthy relationship dynamic with both parents, with as little disruption to the child’s lifestyle as possible.

Because the laws concerning custody and visitation can be complicated, so it is highly advisable that you seek legal counsel first from a seasoned Houston family law attorney. Our passion for helping families is what drives us each day to succeed.

Visitation Laws in Texas

In Texas, the courts will usually create a year-round visitation schedule, which will include holidays and weekends. If the noncustodial parent lives within 100 miles of the custodial parent, the courts may issue a standard visitation schedule.

This visitation schedule may be:

  • Every 3rd and 5th weekends, including Thursdays
  • Alternating holidays
  • One month while the child is on summer vacation

For parents who live 100 miles apart, then the courts may issue this schedule:

  • One weekend per month (or every 3rd or 5th weekend)
  • Alternating holidays
  • Spring break
  • One month while the child is on summer vacation
  • No visitation in the middle of the week

The courts will take into account the child’s needs, as well as any other relevant matters, such as the parents’ financial capacity, court orders, and if there is a history of domestic violence in the home. If the court finds that the child may be put at risk, visitation may be scheduled only with a court-appointed representative present. If you have any questions whatsoever about your rights, we urge you to contact our Houston family law lawyer as soon as possible.

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