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Mother & Daughter Team of Family Lawyers

At the Law Office of Kathryn Marteeny, we are a committed team of Houston family law and estate planning attorneys. Our founder, Attorney Kathryn Marteeny, has been in practice since 1985 and is committed to providing clients with high-quality legal service. In 2009, our firm was joined by Attorney Marteeny's daughter Melissa, and the two now serve as a dynamic team.

We use a comprehensive system of investigation and action to pursue our clients' legal goals. In turn, our firm offers knowledgeable representation to our clients as we educate them on their rights and options. We have helped countless families.

What Sets Us Apart

Have 30 years of combined legal experience

High-quality, efficient representation

Provide special, personalized attention to each client

Vast knowledge of Texas family and estate planning laws

Create tailored solutions for clients' individual needs

Compassionate & Relentless Houston Family Law Firm

We are a team of empathetic lawyers who truly wish to help clients, and we dedicate our personalized attention to each and every case we handle. When we meet with a client, we make sure to get his or her full story, taking into account all the factors that brought the client to us in the first place. We also take into account your unique family dynamic and adapt our approach to your situation.

Our aim is to determine your unique goals and relentlessly help you to pursue them. When you call the Law Office of Kathryn Marteeny at (713) 936-2300, you can speak directly to our attorneys. We can schedule a consultation during which we can explain your situation, discover all of your options, and create a plan of action together, whether for family law, divorce, or estate planning.

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The first step toward achieving your family law or estate planning goals is getting in touch with a competent lawyer who can help you. Legal cases are as complex as they are serious. Don't take chances with your future by attempting to handle one on your own. Get the benefits that experience and skill have to offer by getting a Houston family law attorney on your side!

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