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Divorce can take time and, depending on how contentious the situation is, it might even take years. As such, it is often advisable or even required for a temporary custody arrangement to be in place throughout the duration of this process to provide stability for the life of the child. If you and your spouse share children and are pursuing a divorce, you need a child custody attorney to assist you in this delicate matter. At the Law Office of Kathryn Marteeny, our experienced family law attorneys have the knowledge and skill to help achieve your goals.

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De Facto Custody

De facto essentially translates to “what is” and refers to the arrangement that exists at the time of the parents’ separation. For example, if a parent moves out of the family home, leaving the children with the other parent, he or she has established de facto custody with that parent. If neither parent moves out of the family home and continues to live together throughout their divorce, they will both have de facto custody.

Temporary Custody

The de facto custody arrangement can also set precedent for temporary custody. Temporary custody orders are put in place by the court to govern the situation until the time comes to issue a permanent order. If the children are happy and cared for throughout this process, it is not uncommon for the temporary custody order to become permanent since a judge will usually not be inclined to disrupt the children’s lives with more changes.

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