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Family law can be a surprisingly complex and vital area of law. Because so many of the issues deal with volatile topics and issues that are very close to our hearts, it can be difficult to separate emotion from reason. Trying to handle these matters without the help of a skilled and experienced Houston family law attorney can be a harrowing experience.

The family lawyers at Law Office of Kathryn Marteeny are familiar with navigating these issues with a clear head while still maintaining an empathic connection to our clients. In addition, there are a number of reasons why having a lawyer on your side can benefit the outcome of your case. For one, a caring and compassionate attorney can help alleviate stress, frustration, and confusion from the situation.

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At the Law Office of Kathryn Marteeny, we have 30 years of experience and a wide range of resources and expansive knowledge in the field of family law. We work to build a strong case on your behalf in order to achieve the most positive outcome. With our knowledge on the way the courts work and make decisions, we can put together an effective plan. By having a confident lawyer on your side, you can rest assured you case will be handled properly.

A few of the issues we may be able to assist you with include:

Our goal is to use all of our knowledge and experience to your advantage as our client. We truly go to great lengths on behalf of our client and feel strongly about matters of family law. Would you like to learn more?

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